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Zodiac expands its Open range

Zodiac Open

After the launch of Medline 6.8, four more options have arrived that add to the well-known Zodiac Nautic Open range.


After the recent Medline 6.8, the new proposals for this season are Open 3.1, 3.4, 4.2 and 4.8. Lengths that fit well for various navigation programs and that aim to bring new sailing enthusiasts closer together, with the traditional Zodiac quality, at attractive prices.

The Zodiac range mainly offered only a few models under 4.2 meters.
Now the idea is to offer small practical boats from 3 meters, ergonomic and comfortable at a very attractive price. Very complete and well equipped.

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“Easy” concept

Easy because fundamentally they are easy to control, easy to put in the water, easy to store, easy to handle and easy to clean. They are available in 8 different configurations and the price starts from € 5,400

+ INFO: https://www.zodiac-nautic.com

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