YouTuber Mr. Beast Raises Over $10 Million to Clean Up Ocean


YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a. Mr. Beast, best known for his stunt videos such as “I Spent 50 Hours in Solitary Confinement” and “I Put 100 Million Orbeez in My Friend’s Backyard,” has raised over $10 million for #TeamSeas, an organization whose mission is to clean up trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and beaches. Their goal is to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the sea by the end of the year. This is Mr. Beast’s second fundraising campaign; he created and raised over $23 million with #TeamTrees and has planted over 9 million trees and counting. The YouTuber spoke on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Monday night to talk about the initiative and thanked his fellow YouTubers for participating in the project.

Mr. Beast is the 23rd most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 73 million subscribers, and has over 10 million Instagram followers. He most recently made news by opening his own delivery-only restaurant chain called “Mr. Beast Burger,” where local contracted restaurants would serve and deliver the food, that has sold over 1 million burgers.