YANMAR’s unique series explores the current 37th America’s Cup cycle. From, the extraordinary leading-edge machines, to the teams that create and race them, though the rich history behind the oldest trophy in international sport, to the ultimate race in Barcelona in 2024.

At 172 years, the America’s Cup is the oldest sporting trophy in international sport and the latest Cup cycle is well underway. This is the first in a regular series of features about the road to the America’s Cup that we will run through to the Cup match itself in October 2024 in Barcelona. The series will take a deep dive into the Cup and look at everything from how the event works, to the complexity and outstanding performance of the current generation of boats as well as why this event is so special. We will look at how the Cup has influenced the sport and why it has proved to be such an obsession for those that have tried to win the richest prize in sailing. Plus, we will be explaining what each of the steps along the way means and talking to each of the teams about their campaigns. We start with the opening event of the 37th America’s Cup cycle at the first of two preliminary regattas in Vilanova, Spain. Welcome to the road to the 37th America’s Cup.