Yachties United for Ukraine


Members of the yachting community have come together to offer assistance and shelter to the crew affected by the war in Ukraine.

Yachties for Ukraine has attracted almost 700 members since it was launched as a Facebook page last month, with the aim of collecting information, funds and donations to help Ukrainian crew members affected by the crisis.

His new website, Yachties United, connects offers of social support, shelter and donations with crew members in need. And he is creating an NGO for monetary donations.

According to the group’s co-founder, Petra Untea, there are more than 600 Ukrainian crew members with families in Ukraine.

“We have Ukrainian crew members whose loved ones are trying to leave the country. We have crew members who are not allowed to leave the country and have to say goodbye to their wives, children… we have Ukrainian stewardesses who work on yachts while their children hide at home. It’s heartbreaking,” says Untea.

“Being Romanian, I am active in all the volunteer groups in Romania that offer shelter, food and clothing to refugees. We have three borders with Ukraine. [We want to] get the word out and get their families to safety. You can cross the [Romanian] border with any documentation: passport, identity card or birth certificate. If you know someone who needs this information, please reach out.”

Readers who are interested in making a donation or offering support can find all the relevant information at Yachties United. PayPal donations can also be made by scanning the QR code.