This is the imposing yacht of Raphy Pina


Raphy Pina yacht

The owner of Pina Records is a fan of maritime life, in fact, in the mansion he shares with the Dominican in the city of Miami he has a private dock, where they have moored a boat and a couple of jet skis. But the yacht of Raphy Pina‘s dreams is located in Puerto Rico, his native country and where he returns from time to time with Natti Natasha.

One of the things that he makes this boat unique is the great personalized stamp that he has on the stern, where Pina had the nickname given to him by his relatives for being a fan of the “pinarazzi” camera. However, this yacht stands out for its two floors and a terrace.

Natti Natasha usually enjoys beautiful days on the beach at the top, where there are armchairs, lounge chairs, a jacuzzi and a grill, while the great love of the singer entertains as a pilot. At night both relax with their family in spacious, comfortable and luxurious cabins.

Normally they spend their days on the main platforms in the United States, but each space they have they decide to get away from the world on the impressive yacht owned by the fiancé of the reggaeton star.