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Xhibitionist Yacht Concept

Xhibitionist Yacht Concept

Xhibitionist, a yacht design by Gray Design.

Gray Design from Sweden is known for creating vehicles, which are built with the goal of becoming a real product.

However, doing so requires a great deal of focus based on functionality, proportion, and aesthetics.

In the Xhibicionist you can clearly see the lines, geometries and overall shape look a lot like a supercar.
Up close, a clear car-inspired shape will be seen. There is a hood or engine compartment, windshield, and even a spoiler, which actually acts as the beach cover.

The Xhibitionist appears with an absolutely impressive very small superstructure. This type of structure also helps complement the sides of the boat for an even greater supercar feel. But instead of gull-wing doors, there is visibility into interior spaces.

One of the most fascinating solutions is presented on the bow of the ship. Here, the so-called hood opens on massive hinges to reveal three helicopter platforms. All this area is covered with solar panels, which during the day are used to recharge the electrical systems on board.

To the stern, there is a large terrace on the top of the boat with a Jacuzzi and plenty of space to be. This area is extended to the lower deck by a set of stairs to the starboard and port side of the ship.

The interior reveals marble and granite floors accented by semi-precious metals and chandelier lighting. The ceiling is also completed in such a way that it reflects the image below, offering a spacious feel.

One of the main features to keep in mind is the large garage that also acts as an exhibition center, hence the name Xhibitionist.

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