Worrell 1000 Race 2022


200 days to go until the Worrell 1000 Race 2022

With just 200 days to go until the race begins at Hollywood Beach, FL, the Worrell 1000 has a full roster of 17 teams representing 6 countries, including returning champions Randy Smyth (6-time Worrell Champ) and Rod Waterhouse (4-time Worrell Champ).

The event will be run on Formula 18 boats launching from and finishing on select beaches from Hollywood, FL to Virginia Beach, VA. It’s 1,000 miles of offshore sailing for only the most daring and capable sailors, such as Katie Pettibone and Carolijn Brouwer – a pair of sailors with Volvo Cup and Olympic Campaigns under their belts. Some returning Worrell competitors just can’t shake the bug – Gerard Loos from Spain, Chris Green and Larry Ferber with their crews from the 2019 race are back, and a son of a former competitor – Jared Sonnenklar – will be continuing the family legacy of Worrell racing.

For more information, including dates and times for starts and Social Event happenings throughout the event – visit our website at worrell1000race.com

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