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20,000 whales die from “naval accidents” each year

Every year 20,000 whales die from “naval accidents”

Friend of the Sea “Certify the ships that protect them”

Among the campaigns of the “Friend of the Sea” project, “Save the Whales” arises the difficult task of raising awareness on the issue of premature death and extinction of the subspecies of whales in the seas.

There are about 2 million whales in the world and around 20,000 a year are killed by international shipping and cruise ships, the result of collisions with the hulls or propellers of ships.

Another 1000 whales are killed for fishing in the seas around the world, from Asia to northern Europe, from the Mediterranean to Canada, to Oceania.

The “Friend of the Sea” project was born with the aim of preventing and above all raising awareness among companies, institutions and people as a whole about the safeguarding of the ecosystem.

There are numerous campaigns launched by the “friends of the sea” in defense of marine fauna.

Save the Whales” poses the difficult task of raising awareness about the issue of premature death and the extinction of the subspecies of whales that live in the seas.

Collisions between cetaceans and boats are today the greatest threat to this animal species. Crews are often unaware that a collision has occurred. Most of the dead whales sink to the depths of the sea and only 10% make it to land.

Friend of the Sea” will publish a study with the strategies of conservation of marine fauna adopted by some 50 shipping companies and cruise lines, its founder and director is Paolo Bray, as well as director of the Dolphin-Safe / Earth Island Institute project.

In the “Save the Whales” mission, prevention is the key word.

It is estimated at around 2 million whales in the oceans. The international moratorium d4 1986 has allowed some populations to recover.
Although Norway, Japan and Iceland continue to kill around 1000 whales each year, the main cause of death for these marine giants is fatal ship collisions, 20,000 dead whales, which is twenty times the death rate from hunting.

Not only that, the increasing presence of large ships, and their increasing speed, impact on the freedom of movement of the whales. In short, the life of whales is increasingly difficult and it is possible that it could lead some species to extinction.

It is essential that large operators of shipping, cruise ships and also industrial fishing are equipped to reduce the risk of collision.

The campaign aims to raise awareness, but at the same time is a call to action for maritime operators.

Friend of the Sea” tries to remedy the confrontation between whales and boats, and awards the logo “Whale-Safe” to those operators of boats, cruise ships and fishing boats that implement measures to reduce the risk of impact with whales.

Companies need to install systems on board, such as infrared cameras, to detect large cetaceans. They must regularly report sightings to other vessels and for scientific purposes via already functioning online platforms.

The “Whale-Safe” certification will allow the public, tourists and companies that use maritime transport services to identify those operators most committed to reducing lethal impacts on whales.

In the field of daily life, we can help prevent our impact on the sea and its resources by consuming only what is necessary, reducing waste.

Don’t forget, when cruising, ask your operators to be “Friendof the Sea” and “Whale-Safe” certified.



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