Watch Lunar Eclipse Live in Americas May 26

Lunar Eclipse May 26 

The total eclipse was especially visible in the western continental United States and Canada, all of Mexico, most of Central America and Ecuador, western Peru, and southern Chile and Argentina.

At what time can the lunar eclipse be seen in each country on May 26

  • Chile: starts at 5:44 am (maximum at 7:18 am).
  • Argentina: in the south, starts at 6:44 am (maximum at 8:18 am).
  • Mexico: starts at 4:44 am (maximum 6:18 am).
  • Colombia: partially, from 4:44 am (maximum 5:42 am)
  • Peru: starts at 4:44 am (maximum at 6:18 am)
  • United States: in the west, starts at 2:44 am (maximum 4:18 am).