Video: The Wally walrus wreak havoc aboard ships


Walrus wally

A massive 2000kg arctic walrus named Wally is wreaking havoc and destruction on board ships, terrorizing her owners in the Irish Sea.

Wally, the arctic walrus, first appeared in the British Isles in late July, resting on moored boats and pontoons, leaving destruction in its wake.

Now it seems they have found a solution to give everyone a break: a floating sofa the size of a walrus.

In an appeal from Seal Rescue Ireland she said: “We are looking for a pontoon or floating platform as a safe site for the transport of the walrus, so that it can be effectively monitored, protected from disturbances and prevented from damage to property.”

Wally is believed to have traveled over 4000 km from Svalbard in northern Norway, so it’s no wonder Wally needs to rest. She has been seen hanging from the back of yachts and capsizing luxury motorboats.

Wally damaged three boats anchored in Dunnycove, Cork in less than a week, and this has made her a celebrity.

Wally doesn’t stay in one place for long. She has been sighted in Wales, Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and in western France.

She now has a floating sofa built for him to discourage Wally from getting on boats.


The idea came from British Divers Marine Life Rescue, who helped build a “floating couch” for the walrus to prevent it from damaging shipping in the Isles of Scilly.

According to WWF, despite their robust size, arctic walruses are vulnerable to extinction. About 25,000 are believed to remain in Atlantic waters.
Shrinking sea ice and warming Arctic waters have altered their normal patterns and seen them appear in unexpected places, like Spain.


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