Viva Mexico completes the line up in Cabo Verde


Erik Brockmann’s team slips across the line as all 11 boats are in Mindelo

Viva Mexico is the final boat to cross the finishing line in Cabo Verde, finishing in fifth place in the VO65 fleet.

The team finished just before 2am local time, for an elapsed time of 8d 13h 50m 25s.

Skipper Erik Brockmann and his team had suspended racing for nearly two days after tearing their mainsail beyond repair.

The team went to Almeria, Spain to make a change. But extreme weather conditions slowed the process and meant the team rejoined the race on its own, well behind the fleet.

“We had to change our mindset when we resumed racing,” Brockmann said. “Obviously we were far behind. But it was a chance to sail fast, practice for the next stages, and get better.

“I’m used to sailing on the Pacific, often from the west coast of the USA to Hawaii, for example, and this reminded me a lot of that. Every day a little bit warmer, great winds, 15-25 knots, downwind. It was a great few days getting here.”