Vintage Boat – Regatta Calendar 2022


Vintage Boat

AIVE, the Italian Vintage Boat Association, presented the 2022 Regatta Calendar in Rome.

Over 15 appointments are scheduled in the Tyrrhenian and A
driatic Seas, from April to October, dedicated to the boats that have made yachting history. To these are added other events promoted by similar international associations, including those of France and Spain, which contribute to classifying the Mediterranean as an unrivaled regatta field in the world. Four seasonal trophies up for grabs.

AIVE, the Italian Vintage Sails Association , presented the Regatta Calendar for the current year at the Bettoja Hotel Mediterraneo in Rome. The guests, journalists and representatives of the most important Italian Yacht Clubs were welcomed by Giancarlo Lodigiani, recently acclaimed as the new president of AIVE and owner of Voscià, the 1959 Sparkman & Stephens that belonged to Luigi Durand de la Penne, hero of the Navy and partner founder of AIVE. The new season begins with the participation of the vintage sails in the International Sailing Week of the Naval Academy of the City of Livorno, between the end of April and the beginning of May, and ends in mid-October with the Viareggio Historic Sails Meeting. About fifteen appointments are planned over the course of about 6 months, of which five in the upper Adriatic and ten in the Tyrrhenian Sea. “Finally a long season of regattas awaits us, which first of all has the aim of spreading the culture of yachting, a theme that has always been dear to AIVE”, declared Lodigiani, “and inaugurating it as new president on the fortieth anniversary of its foundation is a great honor”.

In addition to these events there are others in France, Spain, Corsica and Greece, many of which are organized under the aegis of CIM, the International Committee of the Mediterranean which oversees and issues the legislation relating to regattas of vintage boats and to which AIVE is associated. The over 30 events on the calendar contribute to qualify the Mediterranean as the most attractive basin in the world where the most beautiful vintage and classic boats can compete.

The participating boats will be divided into three main categories: Yachts Epoca (launched before 1950), Classic Yachts (launched between 1950 and 1975) and Spirit of Tradition (more recent boats built on traditional lines) . Almost all the appointments on the calendar will represent a useful opportunity to accumulate scores for the assignment of the four seasonal trophies up for grabs: the AIVE Tirrenian Cup, the AIVE Adriatic Cup, the Artiglio Trophy, this year consisting of 6 stages, and the “The Olin Stephens II Centennial Cup”, the Cup offered by the Sparkman & Stephens Association disputed among the yachts designed by the legendary American naval architect, who died in 2008 at the age of 100, with a CIM tonnage certificate.


Tirrenian Sea 2022

Apr. 30-May 1Le Vele d’Epoca alla Settimana Velica Internazionale – Livorno (1^ prova Trofeo Artiglio)

May 7-8XXV Trofeo Challenge “Ammiraglio G. Francese” – Viareggio (LU) (2^ prova Trofeo Artiglio)

May 142167^ Regata dei Tre Golfi – Napoli

May 28-29IV Le Vele d’Epoca nel Golfo – La Spezia (3^ prova Trofeo Artiglio)

June 9-12II Capraia Sail Rally – I Sail Rally dell’Arcipelago

June 1519XXI Argentario Sailing Week – Porto Santo Stefano (GR) (4^ prova Trofeo Artiglio)

June 24-26 XIX Le Vele d’Epoca a Napoli – Napoli

July 1-3XIX Grandi Vele a Gaeta – Gaeta (LT)

Sept. 811XXIII Vele d’Epoca di Imperia – Imperia

Sept. 17-18XXXIV Trofeo Mariperman “IX Trofeo CSSN-ADSP”– La Spezia (5^ prova Trofeo Artiglio)

Oct. 13-16XVII Vele Storiche Viareggio – Viareggio (LU) (6^ prova Trofeo Artiglio)


Adriatic Sea 2022

June 4-5 ​​V Portopiccolo Classic – Sistiana (TS)

June 24-26IX Trofeo Principato di Monaco – Venezia

Sept.10-11 \​​VI International Hannibal Classic – Monfalcone (GO)

Oct. 1-2XXV Trofeo “Città di Trieste” – Trieste

Oct. 8​​XVI Barcolana Classic – Trieste

Regate internazionali 2022 per vele d’epoca e classiche

Apr. 29 May 8XVIII Palmavela (Palma di Maiorca) – Spagna

Apr. 30 May 1X Les Dames de Saint-Tropez (Saint-Tropez) – Francia

May 20-22Les Voiles des Cassis (Cassis) – Francia

May 24-29III Régates Napoléon (Ajaccio) – Corsica

June 15​​XXVII Les Voiles d’Antibes (Antibes) – Francia

June 9-12XIX Porquerolles Classique (Isole Porquerolles) – Francia

June 10-17V Fife Regatta (Fairlie) – Scozia

June 13-15Coupe de Printemps du YCF (Porquerolles-Sanary-Marseille)

June 17-19XII Calanques Classique (Marsiglia) – Francia

June 23-26X Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta (Isola di Spetses) – Grecia

June 23 July 9XXI Trofeo Bailli de Suffren (St. Tropez – MahonCartagine – Malta)

July 13-16XV Puig Vela Clàssica (Barcellona) – Spagna

Aug. 11-14XXVII Regata Illes Balears Classic (Palma di Maiorca) – Spagna

Aug. 22 Sept. 2 XIII Corsica Classic (Bonifacio – St. Florent) – Corsica

Aug. 24-28XVIII Copa del Rey Vela Clásica Menorca (Mahón) – Spagna

Sept. 20-24XLIV Régates Royales (Cannes) – Francia

Sept. 24 Oct. 8XXIV Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez (Saint Tropez) – Francia

Sept. 25Coupe d’Automne du Yacht Club de France (Cannes- St. Tropez)