Video: Jeff Bezos’ New Superyacht


Jeff Bezos’ new superyacht

The superyacht of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos shows its enormous length. 360 feet in the length of a soccer field, and the Bezos boat is 57 feet longer

Dutch shipbuilders Oceanco continue to work rapidly on the $ 500 million ship, which will make it the largest sailing yacht in the world when it is completed next year. Currently, the Sea Cloud ship holds the title.

This Jeff Bezos ship will feature three giant masts, a helicopter pad and three decks.

Most didn’t even know about the ship until a book called “Amazon Unbound” mentioned it. The book describes Jeff Bezos‘s ship as “one of the best sailing yachts out there.

Aerial photos captured the yacht recently en route to Albalasserdam. There, the ship built by Oceanco will receive its final accessories.

The ship’s model comes from an earlier Oceanco named Black Pearl, which is considered one of the largest and most environmentally friendly yachts in the world with its three 229-foot tall carbon masts.

The next ship is not Jeff Bezos‘ first. The man bought another yacht in the shade, a boat that will be a custom model of Damen Yachts‘ US 7512 model.

Social media took note of the recent huge ship that Jeff Bezos is building.

On Twitter it was commented: “You are preparing for the flood. I guess it is totally solar powered and can turn salt water into fresh water, and you have a great hydroponic garden. That way, when you have destroyed the world, you can retreat in peace “.