Video: Incredible ship graveyard where are auctioned

A ship graveyard where are auctioned

Lanier Marine Liquidators stores about 1,200 boats in what appears to be a ship graveyard, located in Dawsonville, Georgia, is one of the most important in the southeastern United States

In these events it offers hundreds of boats at the same time. , and it is possible to buy used boats and jets with a 10, 20 or 50% discount from the market price. They also offer damaged boats, whose minimum purchase price does not exceed the US dollar.

Lanier Marine is also a specialist in conducting auctions for speedboats and jets. They liquidate seized products, either due to financing delinquencies, or recovering theft and accidents.

To house so many boats at the same time, a giant space is needed, which Lanier Marine hires, and which, seen from above, looks like a nautical graveyard.