Video 4K : First dive to Titanic in 14 years shows wreck is deteriorating

New images of the Titanic earlier during a marine expedition.


The remains were recorded in 4K, using special cameras, during five dives of the explorer Victor Vescovo

The video that will be used in the production of a documentary for Atlantic Productions, were taken at 3,800 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean, 645 kilometers off the coast of Canada.

You can see how the ship is in a very advanced state of deterioration due to the action of bacteria.

Triton Submarines, the company in charge of building the submarine that made the images feasible, published a note highlighting the importance of the material: “These images will help assess the current state of the ship and project its future, in addition to making it possible to visualize the wreck using technology of augmented reality and virtual reality ”.

Titanic 4K, fourteen years later

The last time a manned expedition took images of the Titanic was in 2005. In 2010, autonomous robots mapped the site and, 2 years later, the remains were protected by UNESCO.