Video: 24-meter yacht on fire sinks


Yacht on fire sinks

A 24-meter yacht on fire sinks in Capo Comino, the Olbia Coast Guard saved the crew


Last night four people aboard the 24-meter MAMA-G yacht were rescued by the Coast Guard due to the fire.

The alarm was received by the operations room of the Port Authority, which promptly ordered the dispatch of the patrol boat.
The search and rescue unit carried out the transshipment of the rescued crew in a raft, and then proceeded to board the fire department in order to extinguish the beginning of the fire and avoid possible damage to the environment.

The 24-meter-long ship, flying the Maltese flag, was engulfed in flames upon the arrival of the Coast Guard unit, and it was not possible to extinguish the fire that, after consuming the hull and fuel on board, caused the shipwreck sank to a depth of about forty meters shortly after midnight.