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Vendée Globe……West or South

Vendée Globe…. West or South

South is safer, West is faster with more wind….which way to go? And what about Theta?

The depression that the leading group will pass through Thursday November 12 to Friday 13 looks set to widen more than expected. It has had a name since yesterday, Theta. It should develop into a tropical depression. Several strategies are emerging in the fleet.

This morning a group opted for a western route with the passage of the front during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The wind should shift to the northwest behind this front. The skippers will then be able to set sail to the South South West and bypass Theta by the West in northerly winds of up to 40 knots. The transition from the rear of the front to the north side of Theta.

A second group decided to stay with the Spanish coast before heading west. They should have less harsh conditions when crossing the front as they cross further south and cross later. The front loses some intensity during the day on Wednesday.

A third group is expected to continue on the Spanish coast upwind in light winds before looking to hook into an early trade wind off the African coast. The road is slower, but it avoids the more aggressive sea conditions and the Theta depression at the weekend.

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