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Vendée Globe: Thomas Rettant explains how to cut the foil.

Thomas Rettant explains how to cut the foil.

While just emerging from the high pressure trap, Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut) talks about his problem with the port foil that he had to cut in the open sea, a delicate operation and only possible with light air …

“I’m not sure what happened, but my port blade was badly cracked at the elbow. With my team on the ground and the architects, we decided to cut off part of the “tip” (vertical area of ​​the foil). From now on, the foil has entered its hole without a “rake” (incidence giving support to the appendix to relieve the hull, even “flying”): it is no longer useful but at least it does not risk. cause damage if broken. Only one end remains coming out of the hull. That won’t stop me from going fast and making my run!
I have a saber saw on board, but I had to get off the boat to operate – I was able to take some photos that you will see on Saturday. Anyway, it was a good file to manage! I took advantage of the little wind on Thursday to take care of that … But I still had to hang over the foil: I got about two meters of “tip”.
The consequences, if I do nothing, is that a part will damage the stabilizer that holds the mast and / or the hull or foil well. There was too much risk to the integrity of the ship: with less capsizing, LinkedOut has less power on the starboard bow. ”

Thomas Rouillard / LinkedOut

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