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Vendée Globe. The chief of the fleet stumbles in an area of ​​light winds.

Vendée Globe.

The chief of the fleet stumbles in an area of ​​light winds

The Master CoQ IV stumbled into an area of ​​light winds, allowing the pursuers to return on it.

The leading group will gradually find a very soft wind zone, the “calm”, as we usually say in the jargon of sailors. Master CoQ IV was the first to stop. Apivia’s speed is also expected to gradually decrease over the next several hours. LinkedOut tested an option in the north, but Thomas Rettant was unable to cross the small ridge to find the more established wind flow west of the low that is circulating in front of him, heading southeast. therefore, he seems to have made the decision to back down behind Apivia.

The pursuing group continues to sail ahead of the front, with a stronger wind from the north-west, reducing the distance to the fleet leader. The wind will gradually ease for them too.

The next few days should be quite calm in the early part of the Pacific with a beautiful high pressure developing leaving a narrow corridor along the ice area.

The rest of the fleet gradually organized into various groups. They all sail near one front. So far, no very deep depression has interrupted the progress of the patterns. Risks associated with Cyclone Yasa, which devastated the Fiji Islands and threatened to move to New Zealand

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