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Vendée Globe. Cape Horn: lap times

Vendée Globe

Cape Horn: lap times

Here are all split times and deviations at Cape Horn.

Saturday january 2

1- Master CoQ IV (Yannick Bestaven) at 13:42 UTC after 55d 00h 22min of race

Sunday January 3

2- Apivia (Charlie Dalin) at 04:39 UTC after 55d 15h 19min

14h 56min behind the leader

Monday, January 4

3- LinkedOut (Thomas Rettant) at 00:40 UTC after 56 days 11h 20min of race

1d 10h 57min behind the leader; 8:00 pm behind Apivia

4- Groupe APICIL (Damien Seguin) at 02:40 UTC after 56d 13h 20min of race

1d 12h 58min behind the leader; 02h 00min behind LinkedOut

5 – OMIA – Water Family (Benjamin Dutreux) at 14:52 UTC after 57d 01h 32min of race

2d 01h 10min behind the leader; 12h 12min behind Groupe APICIL

6 – Vallée 2 Office (Louis Burton) at 5:14 pm UTC after 57d 03h 54min of race

2j 03h 31min behind the leader; 02h 21min behind OMIA – Water Family

7- Yes We Cam! (Jean Le Cam) at 20:18 UTC after 57d 06h 58min of race

2d 06h 35min behind the leader; 03h 04min after Office Vallée 2

Tuesday, January 5

8 – V and B-Mayenne (Maxime Sorel) at 00:16 UTC after 57d 10h 56min of race

2d 10h 34min behind the leader; 03h 58min after Yes We Cam!

9 – Prysmian Group (Giancarlo Pedote) at 01:12 UTC after 57d 11h 52min of race

2d 11h 29min behind the leader; 55min after V and B – Mayenne

10 – Seaexplorer – Monaco Yacht Club (Boris Herrmann) at 02:27 UTC after 57d 13h 07min of regatta, 2d 12h 44min behind the leader; 01h 15min after Prysmian Group

11 – MACSF (Isabelle Joschke) at 04:01 UTC after 57d 14h 41min of race

2d 14h 18min behind the leader; 01h 34min after Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco

12 – Banque Populaire X (Clarisse Crémer) at 22:18 UTC after 58d 08h 58min of race

3h 08h 36min behind the leader; 18h 17min after MACSF

Wednesday 6th January

13 – L’Occitane en Provence (Armel Tripon) at 08:01 UTC after 58d 18h ​​41min of race

3j 18h 18min behind the leader; 09h 42min after Banque Populaire X

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