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Vendée Globe. All Bets Are Off

Vendée Globe. All Bets Are Off

Bestaven caught to within 38 miles…..New leader tomorrow?….Hare approaching Cape Horn after Boissièrres, Roura, Beyou…….Beyou fastest in the Southern Ocean Between Good Hope and Cape Horn

All bets are off. Normally by the 64th day of recent editions of the Vendée Globe, the solo non- stop race round the world has been distilled down to a choice of two or at the outside three potential winners.

But as the group of six chasing solo racers are now compressed to within 300 miles of leader Yannick Bestaven, and the skipper of Maître Coq IV has seen his lead of 435 miles melt like snow in the Brazilian sun, to be just 38 miles ahead of Charlie Dalin (Apivia) this afternoon, it is clear any one of the top six or seven boats could hope to break the Les Sables d’Olonne finish line first later this month, probably around 28th or 29th. Indeed by tomorrow Tuesday there seems every chance that the leader for 17 days might have been passed.

The semi permanent cold front which extends from the Brazilian coast, somewhere between Itajai and Rio, out to sea South east by eastwards for some 1500 miles, largely set the hierarchy on the descent of the Atlantic back in the third week of November – remember Thomas Ruyant and Charlie Dalin trading gybes downwind less than ten miles apart.

Now on the climb back to the E’ly tradewinds the same weather feature blocks the fleet. And while Bestaven has lost most by being west, closest to land, the gain is increasingly in the east as the lead group climbs towards the tradewinds. And so not only have Dalin and Thomas Ruyant come back at Bestaven hard, but so too in the east are Damien Seguin, Louis Burton and Boris Herrmann all back in contention.

“I think for Yannick, who sees us coming back to him when he was way ahead, it must be tough. For us it is very gratifying. I wasted a lot of time with some minor issues, but I’ll be able to pick back up. The whole Vendée Globe has been like this, the race is far from over.” Contends Thomas Ruyant, the LinkedOut skipper on the morning call to Race HQ in Les Sables d’Olonne. Ruyant has just climbed his mast for the fifth time, this time to repair his wind indicator after racing three days blind with no precise wind data. And now the skipper from Dunkirk in the north of France is back on the attack.

So too is fifth placed Louis Burton highly motivated by the competition “I look at the positions of others, to find out how to get closer to them. I have never known this excitement and pleasure racing so close. I count the miles that separate me from Thomas Ruyantand Damien Seguin and examine their courses. It’s exceptional.” Says the skipper from Saint Malo from Bureau Vallée 2.

And Boris Herrmann, in sixth remarked on the French show today, “How fantastic for the race to be this close during the climb back up the Atlantic, it really is all to play for, for all of us, even Yannick, you know he’s not miles and miles ahead as I can see from my screen, so the regatta is very much still alive, and each to our own to play the match. In the past, we’ve seen climbs up the Atlantic which have been less exciting, perhaps one or two boats clearly ahead, but here we have a real host of different boats which could make the podium places, 4, 5 or 6 boats, with no doubt surprises still to come!”

Bestaven always has 10hrs 15minutes in his pocket – the redress granted for his role in the rescue of Kevin Escoffier and so Boris Herrmann (Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco) has six hours.

And more and more as the prospect of a close, compact regrouping happening there is the issue of who has what, and what potential the skippers and their boats really have. And so the mind games start on the daily media calls. No one wants to admit to their weaknesses, except for Apivia and LinkeOut who have their problems with their port foils. But there is sail damage, hook damage, and other issues which now become even more closely guarded secrets. The stock answer? ‘I am at 100% and so is my boat!”

Out of the grey and into the technicolour real world.
Celebratory Arcachon brewed beer in hand Arnaud Boissières crossed his fourth consecutive Vendée Globe Cape Horn at 1135hrs UTC at the start of the French live show today. The adopted son of the town of Sables d’Olonne looked exhausted but elated after a harsh Pacific Ocean.

Another 1hr and 30 minutes later it was the heavily bearded, exuberant Swiss skipper Alan Roura at 1301hrs UTC and then there was the release from the Pacific for Jérémie Beyou at 1534hrs UTC. The skipper of Charal has the honour of being the fastest in the fleet between Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn, at 30 days 14hrs 27 minutes some 45 minutes quicker than Armel Tripon (L’Occitaine en Provence). Britain’s Pip Hare should bring Medallia round for her first Cape Horn tonight

They said

Boris Herrmann (Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco) “ I’m now in 6th place! And yes the sunshine changes everything, and life changes so quickly on board, it has just been a case of two days and I’m already back in my Tshirt and shorts. I’ve fought for this, dreamt of this, and here I am! What a fantastic transition. The sunshine is here, the sea and sky are blue, the boat is gliding beautifully, it’s a great reward.

I’m really calm behind the camera perhaps, but inside maybe not so much! Especially at moments like around when I was passing Cape Horn, when I ripped my mainsail, and it’s not a small rip in the middle, that would be less serious, but instead it’s in the leech, where the sail structurally takes a lot of the load, so it was a really hairy moment, I was scared and stressed. And also in the last depression I encountered which was difficult, with a really choppy sea, I felt scared, and had lots of different kinds of emotions.
I think today and tonight I’ll be able to advance quickly, with my friends around me, Jean, Giancarlo and Benjamin, and those ahead of us might well enter a soft zone, so I think the pack will become even tighter.


Rankings at 17H00 UTC:


Pos Sail No Skipper / Boat Name DTF (nm) DTL (nm)
1 FRA 17 Yannick Bestaven / Maître Coq IV 4756.6 0
2 FRA 79 Charlie Dalin / APIVIA 4769 12.4
3 FRA 1000 Damien Seguin / Groupe APICIL 4828.6 72
4 FRA 59 Thomas Ruyant / LinkedOut 4835.6 79
5 FRA 18 Louis Burton / Bureau Vallée 2 4871.4 114.8
6 MON 10 Boris Herrmann / Seaexplorer ‑ Yacht Club De Monaco 4958.5 201.9
7 FRA 09 Benjamin Dutreux / OMIA ‑ Water Family 4983.7 227.1
8 ITA 34 Giancarlo Pedote / Prysmian Group 5018.2 261.6
9 FRA 01 Jean Le Cam / Yes we Cam ! 5038.2 281.5
10 FRA 53 Maxime Sorel / V And B Mayenne 5181.9 425.3
11 FRA 02 Armel Tripon / L’Occitane en Provence 5511.9 755.3
12 FRA 30 Clarisse Cremer / Banque Populaire X 5531.2 774.5
13 FRA 49 Romain Attanasio / Pure ‑ Best Western Hotels and Resorts 5955.2 1198.6
14 FRA 14 Arnaud Boissieres / La Mie Câline ‑ Artisans Artipôle 7003.5 2246.9
15 SUI 7 Alan Roura / La Fabrique 7012.1 2255.5
16 FRA 8 Jérémie Beyou / Charal 7031.6 2275
17 GBR 777 Pip Hare / Medallia 7098.2 2341.6
18 FRA 92 Stéphane Le Diraison / Time For Oceans 7485.2 2728.6
19 ESP 33 Didac Costa / One Planet One Ocean 7513.4 2756.8
20 JPN 11 Kojiro Shiraishi / DMG MORI Global One 7603.8 2847.2
21 FRA 71 Manuel Cousin / Groupe Sétin 8120.6 3364
22 FRA 50 Miranda Merron / Campagne de France 8895.3 4138.7
23 FRA 83 Clément Giraud / Compagnie du lit ‑ Jiliti 8936.9 4180.2
24 FRA 72 Alexia Barrier / TSE ‑ 4myplanet 9992.3 5235.6
25 FIN 222 Ari Huusela / Stark 10410.2 5653.6
26 FRA 69 Sébastien Destremau / Merci 11692.8 6936.2
RET FRA 27 Isabelle Joschke / MACSF
RET FRA 56 Fabrice Amedeo / Newrest ‑ Art et Fenetres
RET FRA 109 Samantha Davies / Initiatives ‑ Coeur
RET FRA 4 Sébastien Simon / ARKEA PAPREC
RET GBR 99 Alex Thomson / HUGO BOSS
RET FRA 85 Kevin Escoffier / PRB
RET FRA 6 Nicolas Troussel / CORUM L’Épargne

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