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“Use It Again” record invalidated by post-accident assistance

Westward round the world record

– The rescue of the trimaran “Use It Again”, which ran aground in Cook Bay last week, was a success.
– The operation, coordinated by the Chilean Navy, made it possible to guarantee the safety of the ship and its crew.
– Alex Pella has returned this week to Spain


The attempt to sail around the world to the west, of the trimaran “Use It Again“, was invalidated as it received outside assistance after the accident, which occurred last Wednesday, February 9. This has made the Spanish sailor, Alex Pella, return to Spain this week.

After the intense hours of rescue operations in Chilean Patagonia, Alex Pella and Romain Pilliard sailed to Argentina, frustrated at seeing their attempt to break the record for the circumnavigation to the West come to an end, but satisfied at having saved the trimaran ocean cruiser “Use it Again!”, which has been the priority since it ran aground in Cook Bay.

Alex Pella wants to convey his enormous gratitude to the General Staff of the South Region of the Chilean Navy, as well as to all the people who provided his help. “I am very excited by all the messages of support received these days, something that fills me very much and I regret not having been able to answer yet. I wish “Use It Again!” skipper Romain Pilliard all the best on his future voyages,” says Alex Pella.

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