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Torqeedo announced new electric motors for 2021

Torqeedo Announces Product News for 2021

Torqeedo presented the latest developments in products and developments for electric mobility

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Torqeedo will launch two powerful new sail propulsion options, Deep Blue 50 SD and Deep Blue 100 SD, the result of a cooperation with ZF.
The quiet, emission-free stationary sail motors are reliable components for eco-friendly sailing and are fully integrated into Deep Blue’s advanced on-board power management and propulsion systems.

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The 50 and 100 kW sail motors are designed for cruising speeds of up to 30 knots for high-performance sailing and efficient hydrogeneration while keeping the high-capacity batteries of the BMW technology system charged while cruising.

Like all Deep Blue and Deep Blue Hybrid systems, renewable energy from solar panels, wind, or hydropower can easily be integrated into the central system, along with a range extender for seamless standby power.

Cruise R10.0

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The popular Cruise series of electric powertrains from five to twenty equivalent horsepower is also seeing advancements. The Cruise 10.0 R outboard and Cruise 10.0 FP will receive a technical update, equipping themselves with Torqeedo’s advanced communications protocol called TorqLink. The new protocol was initially developed for Deep Blue and is now available for Cruise 10.0 engines, Power 48-5000 lithium batteries, and premium Torqeedo accelerators.

TorqLink is a new interface between components that makes it easy to configure even a relatively complex hybrid or electric drive system. They all work on the same system, provide information on the same screen, and work in unison seamlessly.

Torqeedo also announced a new addition to the Travel family. The Travel 603, a two-horsepower equivalent electric outboard, is a lightweight, easy-to-use, emission-free engine suitable for dinghies and daysailers up to 1 ton. With a push button start, an on-board computer with GPS-calculated range and run time data, fully variable forward and reverse, and no risk of fuel or oil spills, the Travel 603 is easy to use and to maintain.

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The Travel 603 comes with a lightweight 500 Wh lithium-ion battery that simply snaps into the top of the motor, has an optional USB port for charging a mobile phone or camera, and is easy to remove for charging. The removable battery even floats if accidentally dropped into water. The heaviest part of the Travel 603 weighs only 11 kg and the total weight of the system, including the removable battery and the tiller, is only 15.5 kg. The motor is fully waterproof to IP67 and has a 2 year recreational use warranty.

+ INFO: https://www.torqeedo.com

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