VIDEO: Thomas Rouillard “LinkedOut” shows how he cuts his foil

“There you go, I just cut my pretty foil”


While sailing with a cracked foil, Thomas Rettant took advantage of the calm weather to cut off the damaged part of his port appendage.

The LinkedOut employer sent the images of this delicate operation.

We cut off the end to eliminate the energy in the appendix. And so this foil can be conserved without risk of creating collateral damage.

After consulting with his team, Thomas Rettant decided to cut the cracked foil and the skipper, equipped with a saber saw, therefore waited until he was in a windless area and on flat sea to perform the amputation. The cracked part that could cause more damage no longer causes problems. Therefore, Thomas Rettant retains a good part of his foil that will serve him again as an anti-drift plan during the upwind ascent of the Atlantic. On Friday morning, the LinkedOut skipper entered the South in second place behind Charlie Dalin.