They build an replica of the Titanic in China

They build an exact replica of the Titanic in China

An exact copy of the legendary ocean liner, it will be located in a theme park and will allow you to relive even the smallest detail

More than a century after it sank on its maiden voyage, a theme park in China will make an exact replica to enjoy the experience of sailing on the most famous ship in the world.

This copy of the Titanic will be located in the theme park of the Chinese province of Sichuan, more than 1000 kilometers from the sea

The construction of the enormous ship, a time longer than its cost, in which more than 23,000 tons of steel were used, 155 million dollars, and involved the work of 100 workers during six years, more than it took to manufacture the original.


Su Shaojun, the main investor in the project, decided to finance the daring 260-meter-long duplicate, to preserve the memories of the monumental transatlantic cruise ship. “I hope this ship is still here 100 or 200 years from now,” he said.


The Chinese replica is intended to be exact in every detail, from the door handles to the luxury bedrooms and the dining room. For this reason, experts and historians will validate the final result to approve the new copy of the legendary Titanic.

The Titanic sank in the depths of the Atlantic in 1912, after hitting an iceberg, leaving 1,500 dead.