The Ultimate Surfer : Kelly Slater’s Surf Reality


The Ultimate Surfer

Kelly Slater’s Surf Reality

14 young surfers will coexist and compete for victory at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore

The first two nights of the summer reality show ‘The Ultimate Surfer‘ will be Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 August, at the ACB.
Hosts for the show will be NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer, Erin Coscarelli and the iconic surfing voice of Joe Turpel. They will also have the 11-time world surfing champion, Kelly Slater, as a consultant and special protagonist.

The surf reality show will be held at the Surf Ranch, the wave pool in California, which is endorsed by the World Surf League (WSL). Where the 14 participants will live and compete together for a few weeks until their champions are crowned.

The format is: 7 boys and 7 girls who are among the best young surfers in the world live together (Big Brother or Survivor style) and face individual and team challenges focused especially on surfing. Two boys and two girls are eliminated each week until one pair remains and the winners are chosen, who will have a chance to compete on the WSL Championship Tour with a wild card for one event.