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The ultimate Boat Gadget

Tim Viens and the Boat Gadget

Here’s an example of organic development of a tool, the type of thing that could only be designed by a person who encounters daily the problems it’s meant to solve.

Florida-based inventor Tim Viens is a boating enthusiast who initially used an ordinary adjustable wrench to remove his boat’s drain plug. Salt water isn’t kind to these things, and after losing several wrenches to rust, Viens set about designing his own solution to be made of plastic and stainless steel.

Next, according to Boat Gadget, the company Viens started:

“What started as a single purpose tool began to grow in Tim’s mind, and he started sketching out ideas for a multi-tool, one that would serve more and more purposes on his boat, and would in-turn displace more rusty tools from his toolbox. Why couldn’t this one tool fit all drain plugs? If it could do drain plugs, why not deck plates? Or gas caps? After some more research, development, and the evolution of a few prototypes, the Boat Gadget became what it is today: ten different tools that every boater needs, all in one handy gadget made from molded rust-proof plastic and rust-resistant stainless steel inserts and self-tapping screws.”

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