The super yacht Jeff Bezos is building

Jeff Bezos  super yacht

Bezos does not lose sight of the wonders of the sea, and to enjoy it he had a ship built that will make history in the world of yachts and luxury.

The $ 500 million ship promises to make luxury history for billionaires.

The Amazon mogul turned to the Netherlands-based Oceanco, one of the boat builders for billionaires.
Bezos, with his fortune of 177,000 million dollars, asked the company to build him a ship 127 meters long, with several decks and three huge masts.

This is the little information we have so far about the boat, which, if all goes well, will be delivered to you next June. It is believed that the ship may be similar to the one that the Oceanco exhibits on its Instagram account

Bezos also reportedly ordered the manufacture of another smaller yacht, which will serve as support and also has a helipad.

The ship is estimated to cost about $ 500 million and despite the lack of information on its specifications, its amenities will be surprising.
Oceanco is characterized by having renewed the concept of yacht spaces, through the connection of multiple environments, as seen in this post on Instagram

In keeping with Bezos’ beliefs, Oceanco uses sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources.
The factory equips its creations with glass elevators, swimming pools, hot tubs and movie theaters.

Bezos’ request to Oceanco is another sign of how the yacht industry has quietly thrived amid the coronavirus crisis.

When Bezos had his boat built two years ago, there was no suspicion that a pandemic was coming. Now, his new acquisition will be more than useful, because, as he pointed out, “with the galas canceled and the borders closed, yachting seems to be the best option for private leisure, with due social distancing and far from the looks from the public that would question these excesses in times of crisis ”.