The Suez Canal blocked by a container ship, navigation is paralyzed

The Suez Canal blocked by a container ship

The Ever Given, a 20,388 TEU and 400 meter long ship, crossed the canal on Tuesday, March 23 in the early hours of the morning, blocking the route through which 10% of world trade passes.
The container ship ran aground accidentally, possibly after being hit by a gust of wind, “said a spokesman for Evergreen, the world’s number 7 container ship.
The incident occurred in the southern section, at KM151, not far from the entrance on the Red Sea side, as the ship from Asia headed north with Rotterdam as the next stop.

That day winds of more than 50 km per hour and a sandstorm were seen around the channel. The ship is completely transverse with her prow sunk on the east bank and her stern almost touching the other side …