The Streets of Monaco. The yacht that could revolutionize luxury yachting


The Streets of Monaco

The yacht that could revolutionize luxury yachting

The Streets of Monaco“, the eccentric yacht would be the closest thing to the idea of ​​a floating luxury hotel. A surprisingly flashy and expensive prototype, “The Streets of Monaco,” a $ 965 million titan

The project designed by Yacht Island Design is still a prototype, but if possible it would be one of the most impressive inventions of pleasure in contemporary history.

As its name suggests, The Streets of Monaco is based on the popular European town characterized by its luxurious casinos and prestigious hotels. Due to the intimidating size of her, the structure of the yacht is swath type, similar to that of cargo ships.

As for the size of it, the yacht would be 155 meters in length, which would fit 16 people in the main living areas and another 70 corresponding to the crew. Also, the maximum speed of it would be 15 knots or 28 km / h.

Due to the magnitude of it, the Streets of Monaco would enter numerous leisure areas such as bars, swimming pools, tennis courts and even a heliport in case you have to abandon ship in an emergency. In addition, the spa, gym, hairdresser and beauty salon will allow you to achieve the maximum possible relaxation.

But that’s not all, as it would also include a restaurant, a library, a large movie theater with the latest in audiovisual technology, a solarium, a wine cellar, and up to seven guest rooms, including a 356-square-meter VIP room.

The design of this luxurious and eccentric yacht designed exclusively for magnates includes a central department of 1,460 square meters distributed on three floors capable of connecting to all decks by means of a private elevator. This home would be for the owner or guests

The price of it, if the development takes place, could reach a little more than USD 965 million.