The “Sailing Squad”

The “Sailing Squad” sailors arrive in Geneva, Switzerland. They prepare the boat for the start of the regatta the next day. The pressure is rising as the countdown proceeds.

It’s D-Day, the young sportswomen are in their “bubble” and must now reach the starting line at the same time as 400 other boats. Vigilance is required to avoid a collision.

After the cannon has been fired to signal the official start of the race, they must sail the entire length of the lake from Geneva to Bouveret and back. The distance of the Bol d’or Mirabaud is 123 km (66.5 nautical miles).

Other difficulties may come from the weather: capricious winds coming from the mountains and frequent changes of wind direction or periods without windcan be tricky.

Will the girls have enough endurance and are they able to stay focused during such a long regatta, which can last more than 24 hours?