The yacht that Conor McGregor finally puts up for sale to buy a pub


 Prestige Yacht of Conor McGregor 

Conor McGregor, the highest paid sportsman in the world, ahead of Cristiano or Messi, which allows him to commit certain eccentricities such as finally selling a 3 million euro your Prestige yacht to buy an Irish pub.

He allows himself to have a standard of living within the reach of very few and to be able to commit certain eccentricities such as selling his 3 million euro Prestige yacht  to open a chain of pubs in Ireland, his native country. For the initial investment he needs he has decided to get rid of one of his yachts.

In one year, Conor McGregor has pocketed 180 million dollars, of which 22 correspond to his activity in the UFC.

So McGregor commits some eccentricity like selling the yacht that he bought just two years ago, for 3 million euros and using that money to buy a pub.


He is interested in acquiring O’Neill’s pub, well known in Ireland, which is for sale for 800,000 euros, the approximate money he hopes to make from his 3 million Prestige yacht.

In 2020, Conor McGregor bought the Black Forge pub in Crumlin, his hometown, and made a statement about it that it was understood that he would continue to invest in pubs.

I feel like it’s the beginning. Ireland’s pubs are recognized around the world, so I’ll open more businesses elsewhere in Ireland and abroad for sure. I am passionate about hospitality and entertainment, and with Black Forge I am just getting started in this sector «