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The Ocean Race in Itajaí – 11th Hour Racing Team completes the podium

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11th Hour Racing Team finish leg 3 at 08:20:23 UTC
37 days, 20 hours, 10 minutes, 23 seconds
14,840 nautical miles

1000 UTC – Biotherm should finish within the hour, with about 5 miles left to run to the finish but light winds on the final approach.

0945 UTC –  11th Hour Racing Team has arrived and completed their dockside interviews and celebrations. It was a tired team, but one that has grown closer through the challenges of the past month at sea. It will be interesting to see how they move forward. With more than half of the scoring points still to be decided, there is a very real opportunity to still make a run for the top of the table.

0830 UTC – 11th Hour Racing Team earn third place points for leg 3 while Biotherm has just over 25 miles to go… probably about 3 hours.

0800 UTC – Very close – but very slow…

0745 UTC – Just 3 miles left but barely any wind around the finish area…

0710 UTC – It’s been a difficult leg right from the beginning in Cape Town for 11th Hour Racing Team, who damaged batten fittings on their mainsail during the in-port section of the leg start and suspended racing to make a repair and take on spares just outside Table Bay. Later the team would find damage to both rudders and suffer more significant damage to their mainsail. Suffice to say this is a leg the team will be happy to have behind them, and a third place finish isn’t a bad result all things considered.

0705 UTC – Not long now for 11th Hour Racing Team, with 11 miles to go. The team is currently making 17 knots directly at the line but the last few miles will be slower as the wind is lighter near the land in the pre-dawn hours here in Itajaí.

0650 UTC – Both 11th Hour Racing Team and Biotherm have made fast progress overnight and 11th Hour Racing Team should finish in about an hour having made a final tack towards the finish line.

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