The Ocan Race Europe . LinkedOut wins the IMOCA class for Leg 2

 LinkedOut wins the IMOCA class for Leg 2

And the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team has won Leg 2 in the VO65 class…

June 09, 202102:44 UTC

1355 CEST – LinkedOut has won Leg 2 of The Ocean Race Europe into Alicante and earns 5 points for the leaderboard.

1330 CEST – LinkedOut is within 3 miles of the finish, with a healthy lead over Offshore Team Germany. You can watch the arrivals here

1225 CEST – Conditions are improving for the IMOCA fleet with the building sea breeze. LinkedOut is now about 10 miles away and making 10 knots – so let’s call it a 1330 ETA.

1215 CEST – Congratulations to the Austrian and Lithuanian teams who take sixth and seventh place in the VO65 class for Leg 2 of The Ocean Race Europe….

The IMOCAs will be next, around 1500 CEST (local time in Alicante)

1130 CEST – The Austrian Ocean Race Project is leading AmberSail-2 as the final two VO65s close to within 40 minutes of the finish line.

Behind them, the IMOCA race is close with LinkedOut holding on to a tenuous lead over Offshore Team Germany. The first IMOCA is expected to finish around 1500 local time in Alicante.

0953 CEST – Viva Mexico holds on for a well-earned fourth place on Leg 2, which means 4 points for the leaderboard. That should see Team Childhood take fifth place, but they haven’t crossed the line yet.

0945 CEST – And it is Sailing Poland for third place, with a cheeky late pass. Skipper Bouwe Bekking held his team further offshore while Viva Mexico and Team Childhood engaged in a private match race close to the pier. Fortunately for Bekking, there was just slightly more wind offshore and he was able to sail around his rivals for 5 important scoring points.

0900 CEST – Close racing for the next three VO65s with Viva Mexico trying to defend a charge from Childhood and just slightly further back is Sailing Poland. Watch the close finish live here –

0715 CEST – Team Childhood, Sailing Poland and Viva Mexico are in a tight group and are the next VO65s likely to fi nish. They have less than 10 miles to go but are only making about 3 to 4 knots towards the finish line in the light winds.

The first IMOCA will likely be LinkedOut, but CORUM L’Epargne has set up much closer to shore. At the moment, it does not appear to be paying off, but let’s see. Thomas Ruyant’s LinkedOut is still over 40 miles from the finish.

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0605 CEST – Chris Nicholson’s AkzoNobel Ocean Racing team has slipped across the finishing line in second place to earn 6 points, just as the sun is beginning to rise in Alicante.

0540 CEST – Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team win Leg 2 of The Ocean Race Europe, and earn 7 points on the leaderboard.

0532 CEST – Follow the live finishes with a RAW feed from the chaseboat camera here –
warning, this is a RAW feed, with limited lights… unless very close to the race yachts, the picture quality may be poor for the leading finishers)

© Sailing Energy/The Ocean Race


05:30 CEST – The finish line is agonisingly close for the Mirpuri Foundation crew now, but the wind isn’t cooperating. The boat has slowed to a crawl just over two miles from the finishing line. But it will only take a few puffs of breeze to get them across. It shouldn’t be long now and with a bit of margin over AkzoNobel, the lead should be safe.

04:45 CEST – The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team and AkzoNobel Ocean Racing remain in lockstep at the head of the VO65 fleet, and have been making the most of a light land breeze all night to close in on the finish in Alicante.

Conditions are extremely light and fluky, with speeds ranging moment by moment from less than 2 knots to nearly 10 knots.

The tracker is the best guide to where the boats are in relation to the finish and how fast they are going, with updates every minute.