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The new sailboat Z28 DS, from Astilleros del Sur

Astilleros del Sur presented an avant-garde design to enjoy all the characteristics that make its sailboats unique. Understanding the sailors of today, and developing the ideal boat for these times.

The Z28DS shows its elegant and sporty lines, finding a perfect balance between versatility, comfort and safety. A deck designed to enjoy all the sensations of a day of sailing. A day sailer with interiors of excellent volume, minimalist finishes and a potential for comfort that each sailor can take advantage of according to their needs. This design takes advantage of the safety offered by a 28 foot boat and the simplicity of a DAY SAILER, achieves an unbeatable price / quality / length ratio, completing the most versatile range of sailboats on the market.

The Z28DS offers, like all the sailboats designed and built by the shipyard, the definitive advantage of the keel and hoisting rudder, a characteristic that increases the days of sailing and gives us the certainty of always being able to leave and return to the mooring. For those who sail in more friendly deep waters, we also offer the fixed draft version. In addition, its Z28R version configures a racing thoroughbred that will make people talk.

The use of excellent quality materials, applied to a simple and attractive design, results in a product with the guarantee and permanence of a long-standing shipyard, which has always prioritized the quality of its products and the treatment of its customers.

This design prioritizes comfort in navigation situations, to be able to sit comfortably with high, padded, safe and protected backrests, to have a hold on and lock your feet. Move for the maneuvers on board with space and without disturbing the rest of the crew.
A self-tacking genoa is indisputably a definite advantage when it comes to simplifying and giving safety to on-board maneuvers. This element, increasingly used in the world, also facilitates navigation alone, with little crew or simply, when the guests do not know how to move on board.
The deck is equipped with stainless steel fittings and guardrails in the transit areas, 4 stoppers and two windlasses with self tailing on the cabin, a van and aft rigging with a powerful 8: 1 reduction and a 4: 1 main sheet with a swivel base for complete control over the sail.

Double bed in the bow with storage underneath, gas stove and molded sink, will allow you to configure a very functional kitchen.
Mid-length we have a lounge with double dinette seats on both sides and a central table, completing a large and comfortable area.
A compartmentalized bathroom and a large double hutch at the stern make the most of the ship’s beam, thus completing everything necessary for life on board.


ESLOA: 8.45 M.

SLEEVE: 3.00 M.


DRAFT: 1.65 m / 0.85 m. (hoisting keel)


Sails : 37 M2.

125 degrees.

Pablo Mastracchio.

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