The Multi50 class will be renamed OCEAN FIFTY

The Multi50 class will be renamed Ocean Fifty

The Multi50 class of trimarans, whose history is closely linked to that of oceanic and transatlantic regattas, has taken a new leap in its modernization process to change its name and become the OCEAN FIFTY class; It has also taken advantage of this change to launch the PRO SAILING TOUR, a new professional racing circuit.

This new event, created and organized by UPSWING PROD, a company specialized in the production of events and audiovisuals, will also be used for the realization of a new documentary series that will infiltrate the teams and the competition itself to offer a unique experience.

In its first edition in 2021, the PRO SAILING TOUR, which has been included since its birth in the official calendar of the French Sailing Federation, will take place between the months of May to August in three locations in France (Brest 19-23 May, La Rochelle May 26-30 and Marseille July 21-25) and one from Spain (Las Palmas June 30-July 4).

The circuit already has six confirmed participants: Gilles Lamiré (GROUPE GCA – 1001 SOURIRES), Sam Goodchild (LEYTON), Sébastien Rogues (PRIMONIAL), Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (SOLIDAIRES EN PELOTON – ARSEP), Fabrice Cahierc (PLANET WARRIORS) and Quentin Vlamynck (ARKEMA 4).

The aim of the circuit, in addition to offering an attractive competition between the spectacular Ocean Fifty, is to have new means of cinematographic quality audiovisual production. The concept is to immerse the general public in the daily lives of the crews and highlight these extraordinary human adventures, with sincerity and realism.