Destinations for the brave: the most dangerous islands in the world

To enjoy a vacation of adventure and risk, these are some of the most dangerous islands in the world, and we show you some places

The circuits through these islands can be included in cheap trips, but in many of them you will not be able to stay because of their danger or because of their prohibited access.

1. Isla de las Cobras or Isla Quemada

Located 35 kilometers from the southern coast of Brazil is this island that from the air can seem paradisiacal; spectacular nature, beaches and incredible views of the ocean. It has a slight problem: its population of snakes. It has five charges per square meter and among them one of the most dangerous in the world, the Golden Lancehead.

2. Poveglia Island

Located in the Venetian lagoon a short distance from the city, the island is not dangerous because of its fauna or flora, but because of its history. It has the nickname of the island of no return due to the uses that it was given throughout history; in Roman times plague victims were isolated there and in the Renaissance the corpses of those affected by the same disease were cremated. Few are the tourists who set foot in it.

3. Izu Islands

It is a volcanic group of 13 islands located in southern Japan. It may seem like a beautiful place to enjoy a dream vacation thanks to its beaches and crystal clear water, but quite the opposite. Its active volcanoes make the area one of the places with the highest concentration of sulfur in the world. Its population was evacuated in 1953, although since 2000 it can be visited with a mask.


4. North Sentinel

Located in the Indian Ocean, this beautiful island belongs to India. The island is home to a tribe that does not like outsiders at all. Their reception is with spears, arrows and stones.

5. La Gaiola

Located in the Gulf of Naples (Italy) this place brings bad luck to those who step on it. It is made up of two small islets connected by a bridge, and it has a mansion built in 1926. The various owners it has had have been victims of bad luck. The best known case is that of its builder and first owner, Hans Braun, whose wife died when he was struck by lightning and he was found dead by a bullet shot. Without a doubt, an island with a black history.