Gianluca Vacchi and his yacht, today.

Gianluca Vacchi and his yacht

The millionaire Gianluca Veccho, who outraged the networks for filming himself with some models, and who was criticized for degrading women, now has 20 million followers on Instagram and continues to publish videos on his private yacht.

A year ago, a news item was published that was a trend on social networks: Gianluca Vacchi, a 52-year-old Italian millionaire, won criticism for a video in which he danced with some models on a private yacht. The controversy was because the Italian slapped their butt while the girls posed on their backs.

Those who played the video accused Vacchi of using his money to denigrate women and even, to counteract the controversy generated, the millionaire uploaded another video in which he swapped roles (the models appeared slapping him).

The Italian who had 13 million followers at the time, just a year later has twenty million followers on Instagram.

The videos that he uploads on the social network show that he dedicates hours and hours to luxury, dancing, music and the gym. Of course, a year later there is a difference compared to August 2019: in May he announced that he would be a father for the first time with his partner Shanon Fonseca, a Venezuelan model. Since then, his followers can follow the day to day of the pregnancy and, in fact, in the last video of him we see them dancing together on the yacht.