The Hydrosphere, the underwater vision platform

The Hydrosphere, is the underwater vision platform that will revolutionize luxury yachts

Designed to unfold under the hull of a boat, this phenomenal concept allows passengers to see life under the sea from the comfort of their own superyacht.

Yacht owners will soon be able to venture into the diverse and mysterious environment beneath the waves, without ever having to leave the comforts of their luxurious superyachts.

Gresham Yacht Design‘s new concept, called The Hydrosphere, is an underwater vision platform concept devised by the British yacht design studio and which aims to offer owners the possibility of immersing themselves in the vast ecosystem that hides beneath the waves. .

Luxury yacht owners have always been drawn to the depths of the ocean, but the only way to do that has been through the use of submersibles. The problem with using submersibles is that it requires a bit of technical skill to be able to operate safely. Not to mention the fact that they take a while to be ready for deployment and require passengers to leave the safety and comfort of the yacht.

The Hydrosphere was inspired by the OceanXplorer, OceanX’s state-of-the-art exploration vessel in the development of which Gresham Yacht Designs participated.

At the moment, The Hydrosphere is just a concept and few details have been given on its specifications.

The Hydrosphere can be deployed in minutes with the push of a button and accommodate up to seven guests at a time. This, combined with its 360-degree field of view and onboard lighting, will allow passengers to marvel at the beauty and diversity of life under the sea at any time. It can even be deployed and operated while the vessel is underway at a maximum speed of two knots, allowing yacht owners to follow banks of marine life as they traverse the vast expanse of the ocean.
In any form of underwater exploration, safety is paramount. Gresham Yacht Design guarantees this with a snap-on casing that extends through the yacht’s hull and locates the entrance to The Hydrosphere’s stairway above the waterline. This provides guests with safe check-in and check-out conditions. When not deployed, The Hydrosphere is located inside the hull, above the waterline and protected by an external hatch.