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The Famous Project: From Mod70 to Maxi-Trimaran

Alongsideits partners IDEC Group, CIC, Wipro, and Richard Mille, the team of The FamousProject launched the Maxi trimaran IDEC SPORT today, Friday, May 31, in Vannes,in front of the Multiplast shipyard, which constructed the giant trimaran in2006.

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After five months of work, the legendary sailboat, triple winner of theRoute du Rhum and holder of the Jules Verne Trophy since 2017, returned to itsnatural element, its mast, and its sails, and has rejoined its home port of LaTrinité-sur-Mer. Captain Alexia Barrier, highly active during the work aboardthe Mod70, will now be able to gradually take command of the 31.50-meter giant.

A busy summer lies ahead, which Alexia and her team will use to fine-tune theboat while continuing the delicate selection of the crew set to attempt theJules Verne Trophy record in 2025.

Thus, a new chapter begins for AlexiaBarrier, who will now physically take the helm of her ultimate dream: anattempt against the Jules Verne Trophy record with an all-female crew. She haschosen the boat that has held the title since 2017, the Maxi trimaran IDECSPORT, which Francis Joyon and only five crew members led to the pinnacle ofocean records, achieving a time that is now legendary: 40 days, 23 hours, and30 minutes to sail around the planet via the three major capes (Good Hope,Leeuwin, and Horn). The sailboat, launched in June 2006 under the colors ofGroupama, greatly deserved a thorough and detailed inspection. “Westripped the boat completely bare,” explains Alexia.

“Hulls,bulkheads, arms, and mast were meticulously inspected for the slightestweakness or signs of aging. All hardware, standing and running rigging weredisassembled and checked in the finest detail,” adds Eric Lamy, aformer member of the Groupama Sailing Team, who knows the ship perfectly andled the work with eight people. “Everything that needed to be changedwas replaced within our budget limits,” continues the sailor fromAntibes. “With its new design by Jean-Baptiste Epron, the boat seems tohave regained a second youth.”

A new era opens for The Famous Project teamand Alexia. Taming the giant and discovering its keys and secrets for herfemale crew will take time and many sails. Finding the right profiles toaccompany her is still the subject of a meticulous recruitment campaign that isnot yet complete. “There is no shortage of female talent in sailing,”Alexia insists. “IDEC SPORT is open to the world and to all femalesailors who dare to dream. Our project is NO Limit!”

Daniel Baal, Chairman of the CIC: “When we signed up alongsideAlexia Barrier as a founding partner of The Famous Project, the team consistedof just a handful of professionals committed to this adventure and a trainingboat. Today’s launch of the IDEC SPORT trimaran marks an important milestonewhich will enable this all-female crew to tackle the legendary Jules VerneTrophy and prepare for a unique sporting challenge.”

Patrice Lafargue, Chairman of the IDEC Group:We aredelighted that the history of the maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT, this legendaryboat, can continue with this new 100% women’s Jules Verne Trophy challenge, ledby Alexia Barrier. This exceptional human adventure, rich in values such assurpassing oneself, passion, solidarity and team spirit, perfectly embodies theprinciples and aspirations of the IDEC Group. By supporting this daringproject, we are reaffirming our commitment to excellence and innovation, whilepromoting initiatives that push back the boundaries and inspire with theirboldness, determination and resilience. This challenge is not only a raceagainst time, but also a true celebration of the human and sporting values thatdrive us every day. It’s a unique opportunity to show our support for women inextreme sports and to promote equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion,fundamental values that are at the heart of our company. On the road.”

Wipro and Richard Mille join The Famous Project teamand its co-partners in celebrating this important milestone in the preparationof the Jules Verne Trophy.


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