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The Eye: A Mysterious Rotating Island In Argentina

This circular island in Argentina not only float , but also rotates constantly

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In the marshy lands of Parana Delta, in Argentina, lies a mysterious island that apparently rotates on its own axis.
The mystic little piece of land, nicknamed “The Eye”, is oddly shaped like a perfect circle.

The island continuously rotates around its axis and scientists attribute the strange movement to the presence of large natural wells that create streams of water which are capable of moving the island. The rotating eye seems to collide with the surrounding earth, giving it that push it needs, causing detachment and erosion of the muddy portion. However, some dispel the science behind the rotation and claim that this is no natural phenomenon but instead a ‘supernatural’ one which is linked to alien life.

The Eye is a small and mysterious islet located in the delta of the Parana river, between Buonos Aires and Campana, in Argentina. It is a thin strip of land which is a perfect circle of 120 meters, a shape which rotates on itself. It floats between the clear and frozen waters of a pool that is completely unique to the area.
This unusual phenomenon is simply perfect, so perfect it almost seems fake.

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