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The Argentario Sailing Week has ended

The XXIII edition of the Argentario Sailing Week, organized by the Santo Stefano Nautical Club, has ended.

The history of the last regatta together with the satisfaction at the conclusion of an event in the words of Marco Poma, vice president and sports director of the Santo Stefano Nautical Club: “today was a very technical regatta contested on a 13-mile course , with calm seas, southeast winds between 12 and 14 knots at the beginning and increasing later. Truly ideal conditions for the entire fleet. The choice of the course by the Race Committee thus allowed the race to run smoothly for all classes. with an initial upwind on land followed by a long stretch downwind and two legs to reach the final finish line. Many maneuvers, turning points and tactical options for the crews, in the end everyone was satisfied and many smiles on the dock. A worthy closing for this 23rd edition of the Argentario Sailing Week.”

The results of the regatta determined the winners of the seven categories and podium positions, characterized by minimal differences. The event took place with 50 registered boats from 9 nations.

General classifications:

LARGE BOATS: 1st Mariska – Tamariska Doo 4 pts; 2nd Mariella – Carlo Falcone 7 points; 3rd Halloween – Iñigo Strez 8 points;
CRUISING YACHTS: 1st Barbara – Roberto Olivieri 5 pts; Star Sapphire of London – Jakob Glatz 8 pts; 2nd.; 3rd Ilda – María Patrizia Cioni 10 points;
CLASSICS: 1st Crivizza – Ariella Cattai 4 pts; 2nd San Cristóbal – Daria Cabai – Valentín Martín 5 pts; 3rd Optimist – Antonio del Balzo 10 pts;
SPIRIT OF TRADITION: 1st Freya – Luca Celeghini 3 pts.; 2nd Pancho – Del Gallo di Roccagiovine – Aresu pt. 6; 3rd Albelimar III – Marco Claudio Corneli10 pts;
S&S SWAN : 1st Matchless – Giacomo Bei 4 pts; 2nd Dream – Francesco Pennesi Persio 9 pts. 3rd Falmouth Outrageous – Fabrizio Savariano 10 pts;
HARVEST: 1st Chinook – Paolo Zannoni 4 pts; 2nd Marga – Iginio Angelini 5 points; 3rd comet – Woodward – Fisher 7 points;
CLASSIC IOR: 1st Matrero – Rafael Periera Aragón 4 pts; 2nd The Moor of Venice – Massimiliano Ferruzzi 6 pts; 3rd Ojalà II – Susan Carol Holland 7 pts;
Complete classifications:

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