Suzuki Motor: one million outboard motors produced


Suzuki Motor: one million outboard motors produced

Thai Suzuki Motor, the Thai subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, contributes to the success of the Japanese manufacturer: it reached one million outboards produced at the factory.
Suzuki Motor Corporation’s outboard motor sales grew 9% in the first 9 months of 2020.

It’s a Suzuki DF30A in the classic black livery, “Nebular Black”, the millionth outboard motor produced by Thai Suzuki Motor. A milestone that the factory reached in early November, after 21 years and a month of activity since the start of outboard production in 1999.

Thai Suzuki Motor is a story that begins in 1968, when the opening of the Thai factory, Suzuki’s first outside of Japan, was part of Suzuki Motor Corporation’s strategy to source motorcycles in the local market.

Today, Thai Suzuki Motor, in addition to continuing to manufacture motorcycles, produces 17 Suzuki outboards without a license. Of these five are two-stroke, starting from 9.9 to 40 hp, and 12 are four-stroke, ranging between 2 and 30 hp, intended for the world market.

Based on results reported at the end of September, Suzuki Motor Corporation’s performance in the outboard sector for the first nine months of 2020 has increased steadily by 9% annually.