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Super Sunday in Newport – Leg 5 start – In Port Race

Today is RACE DAY. We have the Leg 5 start, and the inshore part of the race course will be scored as the In Port Race for Newport. Racing starts at 2.15pm local time, 1815 UTC.

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1440 local time / 1840 UTC: There’s been a change further back as well, with Team Holcim-PRB just nosing ahead of Biotherm.

1438 local time / 1838 UTC: A great pass by Team Malizia who grab the lead squuezing past 11th Hour Racing Team to windward.

1437 local time / 1837 UTC: The wind has shifted in front of the fleet slightly here but 11th Hour Racing Team still holds – just – on to the lead. Malizia is making a serious run at it though.

1427 local time / 1827 UTC: It’s 11th Hour Racing Team leading Team Malizia and Biotherm around the first gate, while Team Holcim-PRB split to the leeward side of the gate.

1420 local time / 1820 UTC: It’s very light on the water at the moment, leaving the starting line. Boat speeds are down to about 5 knots…

1417 local time / 1817 UTC: Close action at the committee boat end of the start line between Team Holcim-PRB pushing Team Malizia close to the committee boat. Calls for a penalty from the Swiss boat but no penalty has been announced.

1415 local time / 1815 UTC: 
Great start by Charlie Enright and 11th Hour Racing Team, leading the fleet across the starting line by nearly 3 boatlengths.

1410 local time / 1810 UTC: Into the start sequence now – a reaching start in 6-8 knots of wind.

1330 local time / 1730 UTC: Reports from the race course have a gentle southwesterly – about 7 knots – forecast to build slightly.

1245 local time / 1645 UTC: Dockout ceremonies and sailor’s parade is complete and the boats are out in the race area. Great atmosphere and send off for the teams, especially the home support for 11th Hour Racing Team and Charlie Enright.

1145 local time / 1545 UTC: Boris Herrmann: “Leg 5 is an exciting one. It is an iconic, ocean racing leg, and there is excitement up to the finish. Currently, things couldn’t go any better for our team and for the race as a whole. We are now in joint second position on the scoreboard with 11th Hour Racing Team, only one point behind Team Holcim-PRB so almost on equal points. We have everything to race for. Biotherm is not too far behind, they could come back into the podium game. Anything can happen, we need to stay focused and keep up the good work.”

1130 local time / 1530 UTC: “This feels like a reset, like a brand new race. You race differently when the scores are different. Our win here was absolutely amazing, but I don’t want our team thinking that’s the pinnacle of the race. It was a good feeling, but if we do what we are setting out to do, there’s a better feeling waiting for us [at the end of the Race] in July.

“The question is how much risk are we willing to take? You all know how many struggles we had in Leg 3, how many technical difficulties, and that meant we weren’t able to race in the way we wanted to. Leg 4 has shown that we can deliver, and we’re in the right place in terms of reliability – now is the time to push, push, push.” – Charlie Enright.

1120 local time / 1520 UTC:  The wind is forecast to be in the 9-12 knot range – westerlies – just ideal for start day here in Newport.

1105 local time / 1505 UTC: If you want to know how the leaderboard stacks up and what the various permutations to victory are, check out this great video with Niall

1100 local time /1500 UTC: Paul Meilhat: “It’s a bit rough because we’re just off the pace. We’re making progress, but so are our rivals. It’s kind of hard because it feels like we’re playing with different weapons to the others. Our focus is more on project management. Beyond that, we knew what we were getting into and we have to accept it. We need to keep our heads down and focused on our goals. Being here, being a part of this crazy adventure, is already quite something and we’re doing really well. Added to that, we’re alive, we’re not far behind the others and there are 10 points up for grabs in this leg!”

1045 local time / 1445 UTC: “Obviously the first few days, we will have to regain confidence in our rig, even if the work of the technical team has been impressive. In just a few days, we’ve managed to get a boat back into an impressive state of performance and racing. All the boats are progressing. 11th Hour Racing Team has just put back its pair of V2 foils and has just put on new sails. Malizia has improved in speed. Today, we will have to be at 100% of our skills, at 100% of the boat to hope to win in Aarhus. That’s normal. It’s a very high level race, and that’s why we’re here. We have the crew for that, we have the boat for that, we have the team for that” said Kevin Escoffier, skipper, Team Holcim-PRB.

0930 local time / 1330 UTC: Leg 5 will be an opportunity for one of the top three teams to make a statement heading into the final two European legs of the Race. Team Holcim-PRB is just one point ahead of both 11th Hour Racing Team and Team Malizia. Biotherm is within striking distance but will need a win on this leg to stay in contention on the overall race leaderboard.

0845 local time / 1245 UTC: Today is a much nicer day. Still slightly overcast after the deluge of Saturday, but the skies are forecast to get brighter as the day goes on. Winds should be around 10 knots by race time

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