Leandro and Lucas Altolaguirre are unstoppable

A long wait for the 25 teams attending the Southern Hemisphere in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Day Two. The wind came in later than expected from East/South-East and the first warning signal was only blown with about 10 knots at 14.30 local time.

The third race, and first of the day, was very disputed between the Longarela and the Altolaguirre brothers. Only in the very last downwind leg the Rosarinos (nickname for Leandro and Lucas Altolaguirre) got the third bullet in a row in this 2021 Star Southern Hemisphere. Hector and Hugo Longarela finished second and in third place came the former Olympic Laser sailor Julio Alsogaray with Lucas Carisimi.

For the second race of the day the wind increased to 12/15 knots and saw a nice battle between Fabian Mac Gowan with Nicolas Rosas, Alberto Zanetti with Gustavo Warburg and, again, Leandro and Lucas Altolaguirre. Everything was decided in the last leg in which the Rosarinos were the fastest once again, and have a scorecard of all bullets so far. Mac Gowan/Rosas closed in second and Alsogaray/Carisimi came in to finish third.

The brothers from the city of Rosario, the Altolaguirre, are sitting in the most desirable spot of the ranking and it looks like no one will be able to snatch the Silver Star off them easily, even though there are still four races to be sailed between tomorrow and Sunday, December 12th.