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Soldini and Maserati set new multihull record

Soldini and Maserati set new multihull record

Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati Multi 70 team arrived in Porto Cervo at 9:09 38 “on Sunday March 21, setting the new speed record for multihulls on the 195-mile Monaco-Porto Cervo route, with a time of 7 hours. and 50 minutes. and 44 seconds.

The new Italian crew record is only 2 minutes and 47 seconds less than the time set by the MOD70 Phaedo3 in 2016 with the English skipper Brian Thompson (7 hours, 53 minutes and 31 seconds and a average speed of 24.71 knots).

The Italian trimaran crossed the starting line from Monaco at 1:18 54 ”on Sunday 21 March and immediately accelerated towards Corsica. Soldini says: «We went fast with 25/30 knots of northeast wind reaching peak speeds of 38 knots, then we found a hole in the wind before the Strait of Bonifacio where we stayed for a couple of hours. Fortunately, when we reached the strait we ran again. It was crazy, we crossed the finish line at 35 knots! We knew it was a risky window for this wind hole, but we wanted to give it a try anyway and did our best, pushing the Maserati Multi 70 to the max, and we did it – we are all super happy and exhausted! ”

On board the Maserati Multi 70, with Giovanni Soldini, also Vittorio Bissaro, Italian Olympic sailor and Nacra17 world champion, who has already accompanied the trimaran crew in numerous challenges. With them Guido Broggi, Carlos Hernández Robayna, Oliver Herrera Pérez and Matteo Soldini.

Soldini and his team had already tried to break the record last weekend, during the night of March 13-14, with adverse weather conditions. A few kilometers after departure, the rudder fuse system had kicked in and putting it back into operation would have been too dangerous due to the violence of the wind and sea, forcing the crew to surrender.

The Maserati Multi 70 returned to the water at the end of February, after a long construction work that lasted almost four months. In the next few days, the Italian team will leave for England, in search of new records.

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