SKF MARINE STABILIZERS to keep your boat stable at sea


Pure balance: how to keep your boat stable at sea


Whether sailing, anchored or moored, there is nothing that affects the experience of sailing on a luxury yacht more than a rolling yacht.
Minimizing swaying not only keeps guests and crew safe and maximizes their enjoyment on board, it is proven to increase the fuel economy and performance of the yacht.

SKF Marine simplifies the daunting task of selecting the right stabilizers for yachts. The German company boasts high-quality service, expert knowledge and, most importantly, product reliability. Drawing on 60 years of experience in the production of more than 700 stabilizer systems, SKF offers both non-retractable (type FZ) and retractable (type Z) stabilizers in a range of fin sizes up to 19 square meters.

Both systems, protected by international patents, offer intelligent and responsible balance control to ensure comfortable and safe travel for guests and crew. Both designs are based on a one-piece fin, which provides high-quality stabilization while underway and at anchor. While especially suitable for larger yachts measuring over 50 meters, the FZ and Z-type stabilizers ensure improved stability on yachts of all sizes.

Both are powered by a 120 degree high torque rotary vane actuator, which ensures correct and reliable roll reduction in all conditions and is considered more effective than a cylinder actuated stabilizer system. Thanks to the patented sweep design, the Z-type fin can be fully housed inside the hull without any protrusions. Both systems are powered by quiet hydraulic power and can be equipped with SKF’s EcoMode software to achieve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption based on weather conditions and retrospective analysis of ship movement.

All SKF stabilizers are equipped with the latest generation GUI (Graphical User Interface), which enables SKF specialists, together with a global network of Remote Diagnostic Centers (RDC), to remotely access the system and provide support for troubleshooting the crew. anytime.

SKF Marine combines its history of manufacturing technically outstanding stabilizers with committed customer service. SKF Marine is not only dedicated to fin stabilizer engineering, but to other selected areas of yacht engineering needs. The company offers services, from technical consulting and design services in the planning phase, to project management and premium maintenance throughout the life of its clients’ yachts.