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Shoreview: the augmented reality App for navigation

Shoreview, the augmented reality App for navigation

This application implements Augmented Reality in the water to show in real time what you see and what you don’t. It reliably warns of dangers and selects the best of the coastline.

José Manuel Arnaiz’s idea arose when navigating outside his comfort zone, he realized that he did not know how to find a visual solution that would help him establish a match between current 2D navigation maps and real vision. He was not capable of taking any visual reference or being able to locate any specific destination on the horizon.

Just looking at the horizon through the mobile screen, this augmented reality application highlights what is in front of you, and how far away it is.

Placing the mobile horizontally, on the hand, you can position and see the points of interest that have been preselected on the cartography, provided by Imray, the best paper cartography worldwide.

Very important is: that it works without coverage !!!

Shoreview is an application that helps the most novice skippers, who will have a technological ally by their side who will provide them with safety and the best advice to get on the water in good company and return home safely.
Shoreview not only discovers where the shoals or reefs are hidden, but also selects the best anchorages and shows exactly where to anchor to avoid doing it wrong.

In addition to including all the ports, where to leave the dinghy and the docking areas, Shoreview is the only application that shows the exact position and distance to each gas station, selects and rates the best anchorages, beaches, coves and mooring buoys . Includes almost 15,000 points of interest
It also offers the best sites for diving, navigable caves, lighthouses, and the toponymy of the coast.

Most importantly: it shows each of the low and potential dangers at sea.

Anyone with a mobile phone can enjoy the ShoreView app.

+ INFO: www.shoreview.app

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