Seaflower a spectacular yacht designed by Lazzarini Studio


Seaflower Yacht by Lazzarini Studio

Italian designer Pierapolo Lazzarini expressed: “This new idea is incredibly important and necessary of a visualization. There are many projects in the water that have been carried out, but this is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular ”. With this premise Seaflower was born.

With more than 100 meters in length, Seaflower, has more than 50 suites inside it.

Inside, all the floors and apartments have impressive terraces with swimming pools and ocean views.

In the main area, the most important floor, it also has its own circular pool.

The Seaflower has room for 100 passengers, and also for 100 crew members, because she is an impressive ship where no detail is missing. Also on her terrace she has a heliport