Sampson Golden needs help to rebuild Tally Ho sailboat


Currently Sampson Goolden is on a mission to rebuild a 109 year old English sailing yacht named Tally Ho.

Designed by Albert Strange in 1909 (and launched in 1910), she is a well-known and important historical ship, but after many adventures she was abandoned in a remote Oregon port to rot for decades, despite some valiant attempts to rescue her. . She bought it and moved it to the Olympic Peninsula earlier this year, and is now rebuilding it from scratch. She eventually hopes to bring her back to the UK.

If she wants to support the trip, there are several ways to do it.

Become a sponsor. He has created a sponsor account, where people can sign up to become one of the sponsors and donate a fixed amount, large or small, each time he posts a video. Become a sponsor HERE.

It would be helpful if you share and subscribe to the videos on FACEBOOK and YouTube, and tell your friends and colleagues about the project. The broader the audience you can reach, the greater your chances of obtaining funding and sponsorship, helping to improve Tally Ho’s rebuilding.

Buying or providing tools or materials from TALLY HO’S “WISH LIST”. TALLY HO’S REBUILD “WISH LIST”

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